Los Días Normales

by Doble vida

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Balloons Just take me for a ride by your side on a big balloon of light with the rainbows up and all around Some places seem much better from heights when the distance shows you how all the things we live can turn to one So take me up to the skies so wide, something tells me we will find what we want, what we long for something more than these same grounds and do we know what may come life can always be a big surprise and Days come and go as we keep sailing over these winds unknown and clouds so cold and faith grows inside my heart and we´re still trying to share these same old roads of love and hope So strange to find that we´re so alike, never thought that we could ride on the same balloon to escape for a while So try not to forget who we are as the music sounds inside and you play along with my guitar So take me down to the night so wide something tells me we will find what we want, what we long for Something more than these same grounds and…
Volver Las heridas más disimuladas suelen recordarme viejas trampas son deslices bajo la mirada del corazón suave temblor Cuántos años han pasado en balde sin saldar la deuda que dejaste sigue esperando a que el mundo cambie a tu favor sabes que no Y un atardecer verás que el tiempo pasó sin nada que hacer tal vez te faltó el valor Caminando entre las sombras sin hablar, sin revelar debilidades una danza entre las máscaras tú dirás si está de más tratar de volver Sé que miras desde tu ventana dando vueltas a una encrucijada sé que piensas breve la distancia, es un error yo ya no estoy Ya no intentes escribir la trama de una historia que aún no se acaba tu versión no es parecida en nada a la realidad
Yo sé En diarios íntimos marqué hasta dónde acaban nuestros límites de ayer trampas que nos hacían pensar que ya terminaba este momento en que la intimidad nos salva de remordimiento las palabras más exactas permanecen casi intactas Yo sé que tú lo entiendes después de tantas claves ya no somos como antes extraños, tan distantes lugares tan comunes no me sorprende nadie Entre tus manos encontré las señales que hablan de caminos sin revés entre líneas no hay nada que ocultar si nos conocemos tanto mentiras de verdad aliviando el desencanto
Celestial Bonds Somewhere all this began to shine, stars flying fast, expanding mass, electric lights seen from afar, the storms that change the course of time The human hearts and crafts are not precise in their design shadows and lights can never be quite defined inside Waiting on this cloudy satellite can make so long my days and nights strange tracks of light have come to light no rules can tell us who we are Down the river of years this love remains I can feel the celestial bonds and I can´t define what I´ve seen nothing stays the same but this faith shines more than darkness Somewhere all this began to shine the moon we sing to every night dimensions broken, planets wide, our destination´s changing now the ways of mankind still shock me as insane denial the truth remains inside our understanding´s not so wide Somehow I still cannot define the reasons why I sing tonight the present and what´s left behind may seem so vain to justify
Bright waking dream Half life I´ve been under these clothes sooth and comfort closed eyes, familiar lies untold silent sorrow Outside the sky seems white and cold winter´s coming this silent landscape hides my own inner season But this bright waking dream has open to me new sights never seen crafts I can learn somewhere I´ve stolen this fire this light I have under my toes and my eyes I´m on fire Track down my steps back to my home riddles solved and tokens I´ve kept inside my own private closets I finally see my hair, my nose hands like branches this magic-quiet tree has grown inside my fingers
Salas de espera Dormitando en las salas de espera de una pálida ciudad desierta, inventando juegos en la mesa sin saber la hora de partida Descifrando todo en otras lenguas siento que nos vamos alejando de las viejas emociones frente a nuevas puertas largos corredores que nos llevan no sé a dónde Viajeros llegando a un nuevo lugar cruzando el mar pisan la nueva realidad Trayectos dentro de aves de metal hasta un hogar dejan estelas al pasar Arrastrando todas las maletas entre pasajeros buscando otras tierras horarios de vuelo, tantas escaleras, largos corredores que nos llevan no sé a dónde
Imágenes Las imágenes se van borrando con las sombras de nuevos encantos más allá de espejos diarios Si los viajes que ya imaginamos se nos vuelven deseos consumados no habrá sido todo en vano La ciudad es la selva de asfalto donde el tiempo avanza sin descanso no hay lugar para retrasos Caminando en un sueño o una realidad de historias intrincadas Descifrar miradas al pasar imaginar mañanas Noches largas, frases enlazadas de un rompecabezas en el alma cuántas piezas de una trama Libros viejos, cuadernos pautados, los fragmentos que sigo enhebrando sin saber donde esto acabará Y no importa cuándo mientras no digas que no llegaremos Y lo que has guardado son las brújulas del sol en tus manos
What we are Our understanding´s not so straight the words can hide more than they say the clock seems imprecise to tell time keeps flowing the seconds that we spend today linger on me Confirming science suits our case too far, too close, it´s all the same waves growing deep inside ourselves signs show me spaces are unreal What we are is what we gave and as we live the days what we lost is found again waiting´s not so vain somehow and all we had to face and share helps us to learn what we want and the answer stands right there when we meet again The stations that I know so well where people say their farewells seem now as not so complicated trains come and go while we remain feelings underneath
Learn to change We´re going through faster days and faster ways, it seems like nothing´s still on this road We´re going to try to keep an eye on a fixed point, far away, where it seems that we belong Can you hold my hand, can you understand I´m so tired yet I´m still walking on When you had enough you got to change When you´ve done enough just learn to change Once we´re far away from the places we´ve been to We´ll smile and say we´ve seen it all before, And I´ll have to say, just wait, my friend, this life´s so strange, it´s just waiting to fool us When you had enough you got to change When you´ve done enough just learn to change See what´s beyond this landscape so cold, through ashes and stones look higher, move on, time to walk on, don’t turn around now…
Elephant They know life´s short forgetfulness is strong they sound so worn out but they keep on walking down the road so long so lonely full of broken bones guiding them slowly fighting dusk till dawn Brown eyes and wide ears our skin that seems like desert´s nights behind those sand mountains our soul still shines under the sun leading our journey feelings can return our deepest memories trying to hold on This changing weather can guide us Take me back to the same grounds where once we found the streams of life so have no doubts, we´re lost and found this traveling on can finally take us somewhere where days are better we´ll find the answer we´ll stay together


Los días normales is Doble vida´s second album.


released August 19, 2018

Music written by Doble Vida: Elisa Corona Aguilar and Eduardo Huchín Sosa
Lyrics by Elisa Corona Aguilar
Engineered, recorded, and edited by Samuel Marrón and Hannia Corey at BHD Productions, Mexico City
Mixed by Tony Geballe at String Theory Studios, NewYork City
Elisa Corona Aguilar: Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Eduardo Huchín Sosa: Acoustic and electric guitars
Additional sounds and noises by Tony Geballe

All songs ℗© 2018 by Elisa Corona Aguilar and Eduardo Huchín Sosa
Produced by Doble Vida with Tony Geballe


all rights reserved



Doble Vida Mexico, New York

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